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constipation relief

Constipation: prevention and relief

Constipation is a frustrating and embarrassing, yet very common pregnancy symptom. At ThePregnancyNet we know many mothers just want to know what they can do to prevent constipation and get rid of it if it strikes. Below you can find a list of easy methods for avoiding and relieving pregnancy constipation. Add fibre to your […]

red beans: a meat substitute for your pregnancy food aversion

Dealing with food aversions

Many pregnant women worry about their food aversions negatively impacting the healthy pregnancy diet they hope to maintain, especially as some expectant mothers develop an aversion to some important nutrient sources. However, there are two things you can do to ensure you and your baby are getting all of the nutrients you need in your […]

Couple walking off morning sickness

Easing morning sickness

Morning sickness is caused by your pregnancy hormones, especially your increased estrogen and progesterone levels. As you need these hormones to maintain your pregnancy you can’t really get rid of morning sickness if you suffer with it. However, below you can find a variety of hints and tips which should help you ease the nausea […]

question mark in a stop sign

Pregnancy Hormones

So many aspects of your pregnancy can be a bit complicated, especially when things get very scientific. Your pregnancy hormones are no exception. Not only do they have long, sometimes hard to pronounce names, but they also impact your body so much during your 40 week pregnancy that it seems impossible to keep them all […]

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