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vertex position

burning incense


Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese acupuncture technique sometimes used to move a baby from the breech position to the vertex position. It involves the use of the mugwort herb, also known as moxa, which is burned to release its effects on your body. Moxibustion stimulates blood flow in your pelvic area and uterus which encourages […]

External Cephalic Version (ECV)

An ECV or external cephalic version is one method used avoid a breech birth by turning the baby into the vertex position. It has a 58% success rate of doing so and is only performed after week 37 of pregnancy when the likelihood of your baby moving himself into the breech position drastically decreases. An […]

Breech births

Breech births are births in which your baby is born in the breech or bottom-down position, that means her bottom or feet will come out first instead of her head. About 25% of all babies will be in the breech position when their mother is 32 weeks pregnant, by week 40 of pregnancy only 3% […]

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