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Thanksgiving pears

Thanksgiving DIY decorations

As seen on our Thanksgiving Ideas Pinterest board.


  • Small pears (real or decorative)
  • Beads or seeds
  • Cake stand (optional)
  • Gluegun


1. Decide on a Thanksgiving message: Give Thanks, Be Thankful or the good old traditional Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you have enough pears to write that message (one pear/letter).

2. Using a gluegun, glue the beads and/or seeds onto each pear in the shape of the letter you need. You can use a marker to draw the letter first, which you can then folow as a guide as you glue on each bead/seed.

3. Leave to dry and then decide how you will set it up: layered like in the image above using a cake stand or in a single line across a table, mantelpiece or windowsill. It’s completely up to you!

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