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Thanksgiving tree

Thanksgiving DIY decoration

As seen on our Thanksgiving Ideas Pinterest board.


  • A dry branch
  • Orange or red spraypaint
  • A base (vase or deep bowl)
  • Stones, marbles or popping corn
  • A collection of dry, fall leaves
  • Glitter
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon
  • Colored card paper
  • Single hole punch


1. Dust off the dry branch and spraypaint it the color of your choice. If you’re pregnant we recommend having someone else do this step for you. Make sure you wear a mask to avoid inhaling any of the fumes.

2. As the branch dries set up the base. The base can be a vase, a deep bowl or even a painted bucket. Fill the base with stones, marbles or popping corn – these materials will help to hold the branch in an upright position.

3. When the branch is completely dry you can then insert it into the base. Move it around until it stands up the way you want it to.

4. Set the tree and base aside. Now take your fall leaves and carefully use the glue stick to spread some glue over the surface of each leaf. Sprinkle glitter where you have pasted the glue and then hold up to remove the loose glitter. We use a glue stick, because it keeps the fall leaves nice and crisp and ensures the glitter only makes the leaves stand out, not covers them up completely. It’s best to do one leaf at a time.

5. You can then write messages of thanks onto card or you can leave that as a Thanksgiving Day activity for everyone to participate in.

6. Finally, you attach the leaves and cards of thanks to the tree using decorative ribbon. Use a single hole punch to loop the ribbon through each card and those leaves that don’t have stems. Be careful when hole punching a leaf, they are very delicate.

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