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The basics of maternity wear: bras

When it comes to choosing the right maternity bras, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

  • Ultrasupportive bras are the way to go, because trust us your boobs are going to get BIG, so support is key.
  • Many people suggest avoiding bras with underwires, because not only can they be uncomfortable, but they can also can non-infective mastitis, which inhibits the development of your milk ducts.
  • Wide straps are also a good idea, especially if you have cups bigger than a D. They will give you the right amount of support.
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The best maternity bras are sexy and supportive
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  • Getting a bra fitting at your local lingerie store is also a great idea. They are free and help you to find the bra that will give you the perfect amount of support. Free and comfortable, life doesn’t get any better. Oh wait, you’re about to have a baby, so it does!
  • Camisoles and sports bras are also nice alternatives. They are not only great for exercise and support if you need it while sleeping, but can also be very comfortable throughout the day.

Remember when it comes to choosing the right bras for your pregnancy, comfort is key. Don’t worry if you prefer sexy lingerie, because today there is plenty of sexy maternity lingerie available!

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