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The top 5 YouTube videos for Halloween decorations

YouTube can be a great source of ideas for DIY Halloween decorations, however there are so many videos that it can be overwhelming. On top of that sifting through the videos that are good and those that aren’t so good can be a bit of a pain. So we did all of that for you. Below you can view our top 5 YouTube videos for DIY Halloween decorations with a few hints and tips we’ve added on.

#1 Paper Plate Spider

This video is probably the easiest and cheapest of all the DIY Halloween decoration ideas we found on YouTube.

#2 Spooky and Adorable Ghosts

This one is another very easy decoration idea. However, you have to start it a few days before Halloween especially if you live in a wet climate as the ghosts need over 24 hours to fully dry. We also suggest using glowsticks to light up your ghosts as they’re non-flammable and cheaper that electric or battery powered lights.

#3 Blood Covered Candles, Pumpkins and Ghosts

We’ll be honest we picked this video for the blood covered candles. They look great and couldn’t be cheaper or easier to make (they’re explained in the very first part of the video). The pumpkins and ghosts are a bit more tricky and require some previous sewing skills, so you may want to pass on those two decoration ideas. And yes the music is a bit spooky!

#4 Halloween Gift Koozies and Halloween Trees

We love this video, because the decorations are fun and easy to make. On top of that the Koozies can double as Halloween gifts filled with whatever Halloween candy you prefer! When it comes to the Halloween tree, approach it in the same way you would approach decorating a Christmas tree, don’t be afraid to try any and all of your own fun ideas. And why not pull out the old Easter trick of painting eggs, but in Halloween style. As for the base of your tree, it can be as simple as painting an old bucket that is currently collecting dust in your shed. Have fun!

#5 Apothecary Jars, Spooky Books and Terrariums

The DIY decorations in this video aren’t as cheap as the others you’ve seen above, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more you can make some pretty original decorations. We also think it would be a great idea to use McKay’s printable labels on the drinks you’re serving at your Halloween party.

We hope these videos have helped and that you have a spooktacular Halloween!!





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