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Top baby names of 2010: England and Wales

So you’re wondering what are currently the most popular names in England and Wales? Well, thanks to the information we obtained from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) we’re able to answer your question.

You can either visit our pages with the data for baby boy names and baby girl names or you can continue reading our analysis to find out what names top the list and which ones are on the rise. Whether, you’re looking for name ideas or trying to avoid your baby sharing a name with other students in his class, we hope this information helps!

Baby with mouth open

Your name is Olivia too?!

In 2010 the name Olivia topped the list as the most popular baby girl name in England and Wales and it’s not the first year that name has done that. Likewise, Oliver, Jack, Alfie and Harry held onto their respective first, second, third and fourth place positions for yet another year.

As always, celebrity names are on the rise with the name Ollie (after Olly Murs) rising 52 places in the ranking in the last year and 610 places since 2000 and the name Isla (after actress Isla Fisher) rising 8 places since 2009, and 210 places since 2000. And those are only two examples, names including: Florence, Kai and Laceyare all on the rise as well.

baby posing for the camera

Do you think I can pull off the name Ollie?

With respect to the names which showed the most growth in popularity from 2009 to 2010, Lacey and Maisie are the two fastest growing baby girl names, while Noah and Zachary are the two fastest growing baby boy names.

New entries into the top 100 ranked names include: Dexter, Jenson and Caleb for the boys and Eliza, Maisy and Maryam for the girls.

Unfortunately, the 2011 statistics have not yet been released, but we promise as soon as they are we’ll make sure we get them to you!

See the top baby names of 2011 for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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