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Top baby names of 2011: Scotland

Whether you want to know the most popular baby names in Scotland in order to get some ideas or to avoid giving your new baby a name that everyone else in his future class will have, we’re here to help!

Thanks to information obtained from the National Records of Scotland, you can either view our tables showing the top baby boy names and the top baby girl names of 2011 in Scotland or continue reading our analysis of the data collected to get a quick overview.

baby looking at camera

That’s a lot of names!

Firstly, while Oliver and Olivia are the top boy and girl names respectively in England and Wales, in Scotland Jack and Sophie top the list. Sophie has topped the list for the last 7 years, but Jack has been #1 nine times in the last 13 years! And during the other four years the name was only second to Lewis, which obtained the number 2 spot during those 13 years when not topping the list.

Boy names which are increasing in popularity include: Ethan, Lucas, Charlie, Ryan, Ruaridh and Lennon. For the girls, the names: Lily, Eva, Millie, Mia, Sophia, Kayla, Kara, Gracie and Jasmineare all on the rise. Some of these names weren’t even in the top 100 last year!

On the other hand, Oliver, Aaron, George, Alex, Calvin, Craig and Kenzie are losing popularity as top baby boy names. Likewise, the girl names: Katie, Niamh, Aimee, Skye, Nicole, Lucie, Nieve, Courtney and Lucieare not as popular as they were before. Some are not even in the top 100 names of 2011, even though they were in 2010.

Baby thinking

Mum, I think I prefer the name Dylan.

Overall, baby names, especially girls’ names, are getting more diverse and a total of 3000 different boy names and 4000 different girl names were registered this year.  Moreover, most babies have been given multiple forenames. This is probably because picking just one name is impossible task, they’re all so cute!

See top baby names of 2010 for England and Wales and of 2011 for Northern Ireland.

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