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The uterus or womb is a pear-shaped, hollow, muscular organ which is very important for your pregnancy.

woman's abdomen

Your uterus is located just below your bellybutton
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In week 3, the embryo will implant in the uterine wall of your uterus and for the rest of your pregnancy your baby will continue to grow and develop inside of it.

Your uterus is located in your pelvis, between your rectum and your bladder, which is why when you’re pregnant you always need to go to the bathroom! It is approximately 3 in./7.6 cm long and extends from the tip of your cervix to your fallopian tubes. During your pregnancy, your uterus will expand into your abdomen, because your pelvis creates a space barrier in your body. Once this starts to happen you’ll begin to show!

Your womb has 4 main layers:

  • the endometrium: your uterine lining where your egg implants and which sheds during each of your menstrual cycles.
  • the myometrium: a smooth muscle which contracts when you are in labour to push your baby closer to your cervix and spasms so that you can enjoy an orgasm.
  • the perimetrium: a loose tissue which surrounds the myometrium
  • the peritoneum: the exterior of the uterus which contains the the above three layers.
woman's reproductive organs

Your uterus is the “goat’s” head of your reproductive organs
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