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1, 2 and 3 weeks pregnant: your body

Are you experiencing breast tenderness?

You are in weeks one to three of the first trimester of your pregnancy. As it’s difficult to figure out when conception actually occurs, professionals consider the first day of your last period as the start of your 40 week pregnancy. Sounds a bit weird doesn’t it? But yes, you begin your 40 week pregnancy before you have even conceived.

Pregnancy symptoms

  • You may have some breast tenderness, bloating or even cramps, the usual symptoms you experience before or during your period, these are some early signs that you may be pregnant!
  • You have your final period. Don’t worry after childbirth your period should resume back to normal, unless you are breastfeeding, in which case it will not start up again for another few months.
  • You may notice that your cervical mucus has become stickier and creamier and once conception occurs you will notice that your mucus is stickier and a bit cloudy.
  • Increased sense of smell. You may be noticing that smells are a lot more prominent than usual, this is actually a sign that you are ovulating!

What are the other signs and symptoms of early pregnancy?

Remember: The majority of women do not even realise that they are pregnant, as the early signs are so faint and consistent with your those of your period. Week 3 is when things really get moving as conception occurs and your future baby emerges as a small cluster of cells!

What’s happening to your baby this week?

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