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10 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 10

Your baby at 10 weeks pregnant

During the tenth week of pregnancy your baby is no longer the size of an olive, but of a prune and weighs about 0.18 ounces or 5 grams (though these weights do vary from baby to baby). This week also signals the end of your baby’s embryonic stage, which means your baby is now considered a fully fledged fetus. However, the best news for this week is: your baby’s head, though still quite big, is a little more in proportion to its body!

A lot of growth is occurring this week including:

  • more visible ankles, wrists, toes and fingers
  • a functioning thyroid gland, pancreas and gallbladder
  • the formation of small teeth buds under your baby’s gums
  • the development of your baby’s bones and lung tissue

Did you know? Your baby’s intestines begin as part of the umbilical cord, which you may see on a week 10 ultrasound, but as your pregnancy progresses they move into your baby’s abdomen, right where they belong.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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