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11 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 11

Your baby at 11 weeks pregnant

The eleventh week of pregnancy is a busy week for your baby as she undergoes an incredible amount of growth. Your baby now has short sleeping cycles and when you cough you may wake her (it’s no surprise she seeks out revenge for sleep deprivation after birth). Also your baby’s muscles are getting stronger so it won’t be long before you feel a kick.

Other developments include:

  • a better functioning circulatory system
  • thicker skin with layers
  • formation of vocal cords (that leaves 29 weeks to practice crying loudly)
  • the appearance of finger nails, hair follicles and even a tongue
  • no more webbed hands and feet
  • and finally the development of your baby’s sexual organs, ovaries if it’s a girl and testicles and a scrotum if it’s a boy.

However, you still have at least 3 weeks before your baby’s sex can be identified.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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