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13 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 13

Your baby at 13 weeks of pregnancy

It is the thirteenth and final week of your first trimester and from now on your baby’s growth will be rapid. Fortunately, her body’s growth will speed up while her head growth slows down, making her a lot less alien-like than she is at the minute.

Right now your baby is about the size of a peach, weighs between ½ and ¾ ounces or 13-20 grams and is double the length she was in week 7! This week your baby’s sex can be determined outside of the womb, but it is still a bit fuzzy on the ultrasound so you probably can’t determine the sex just yet. Your baby’s intestines, which we discussed in week 10, have also begun to draw back into his or her abdomen, but if for some reason they don’t, omphalocele occurs, a condition that is treatable at birth. Your baby’s bones are also hardening and those vocal chords are already getting stronger.

Did you know…In week 13 of pregnancy your baby can move enough to already develop a thumb sucking habit?

What’s happening to your body this week?

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