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14 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 14

Your baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy

It’s the fourteenth week of your pregnancy, congratulations! It’s the beginning of your second trimester, which means you got through your first trimester successfully. If you close your fist that’s the size of your baby this week and he or she will probably weigh close to an ounce or 25 grams already.

This week your baby’s eyes and ears are moving towards a more normal place, her chin no longer rests on her chest, she has more fluid movements and her intestines have begun to do their job. But that’s not all, your baby has probably developed lanugo, if not she will in a couple of weeks. Lanugo is body hair which keeps her warm as she has not yet got any body fat. I know it’s a little unfair since you’ve already had to start looking at maternity clothes. Don’t worry though your baby will fatten up over the next few weeks and shed that body hair.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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