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14 weeks pregnant: your body

Suffering from nasal conjestion?
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You are now in your second trimester! It is the fourteenth week of your pregnancy. You should be starting to get your energy back, and your breast tenderness should be decreasing. You should now be showing, and your belly button may have popped. If your clothes are beginning to feel tight and you can’t button up your favourite comfy jeans, that means maternity clothes are needed! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress with style.

Pregnancy symptoms

  • Breast growth
  • Decrease in breast tenderness
  • Nausea should be decreasing if not finishing
  • Possible nasal conjestion
  • Lower abdominal pain

Remember: You may be feeling either a wild sexual libido or the complete opposite. Both symptoms are perfectly normal and if your libido is high you should embrace your new sex life, it will not harm your baby.

What’s happening to your baby this week?

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