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16 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 16

Your baby at 16 weeks of pregnancy

In the sixteenth week of pregnancy your baby is well over 4 inches or 9.3 centimetres long and is experiencing a lot of growth.

  • hair on your baby’s head has started to grow
  • the umbilical cord is attached to a lower area of the abdomen
  • finger nails are fully formed
  • your baby’s eyes have begun to move, but are probably still shut
  • her back muscles are stronger
  • and your baby has begun to perfect her adorable little frown

It is even possible that this week you will feel your baby kick for the first time, but don’t worry if you don’t feel anything yet, some babies like to keep you waiting and if you’re a first time mum it usually takes some more time. It is also time to start watching your language, because there is a possibility your baby can now hear everything you say.

This week why not play different styles of music and see what your baby likes, you may be surprised!

What’s happening to your body this week?

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