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20 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 20

Your baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy

In the twentieth week of pregnancy your baby measures up to 6 ½ in. or 16 cm long and weighs approximately 9 oz. or 260 g.

At this stage of your pregnancy your baby’s sexual organs are fully formed and her skin has four layers, though it is still very transparent. Because your baby’s sexual organs are fully formed you can probably now find out the sex of your baby! However, this all depends on if your baby is willing to cooperate or not, some babies are quite shy and hide from the camera. You must remember though ultrasounds produce fuzzy images and so your physician can never confirm the sex with 100% certainty, surprises at birth do happen.

Some physicians may recommend PUBS this week. PUBS, or Percutaneous Umbilical Cord Sampling, is not to be confused with the pubs we drink at and we highly doubt your physician will suggest drinking during pregnancy. PUBS is used to check for blood disorders and infections, but it is a very risky test, so if your physician doesn’t recommend it there’s no need to worry.

This week an ultrasound should be able to confirm your due date!

What’s happening to your body this week?

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