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22 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 22

Your baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy

In the twenty-second week of pregnancy your baby can weigh anywhere between 12 oz. and a whole pound and measures approximately 7 â…” in/19 cm in length.

This week your baby has eyebrows and eyelashes in addition to those eyelids and fingernails which started growing in the first trimester. Additionally, your baby may be starting to perceive light and dark and her sense of touch is developing.

Week 22 is characterised by the development of your baby’s liver functions especially the management of her bilirubin levels. Bilirubin is produced from the breakdown of red blood cells and is much higher in babies than adults. Any excess bilirubin will be transmitted to you via the placenta and your liver will get rid of it. At birth if your baby has high levels of bilirubin jaundice will occur, but it is treatable so you don’t need to be worried.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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