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25 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 25

Your baby at 25 weeks of pregnancy

During the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy your baby weighs about 1 ½ lbs./700 g. and measure 8 ¾ in./22 cm.

This week your baby’s blood capillaries and air sacs (located in the lungs) are forming. Her lungs are also developing a substance called surfactant that will help them expand at birth. But that is not the only development in your baby’s respiratory system, as her nasal passages are opening and she is starting to practice her breathing (admittedly all there is to inhale is amniotic fluid, but practice is practice and will help regardless). And guess what? Those vocal chords are nearly completely developed, only 15 more weeks until you get to hear them hard at work!

This week is also the week at which a premature baby can be delivered and have a chance at survival. However, it is not ideal and can make the first year of your baby’s life hard for her, you and your partner. Remember to relax so your baby doesn’t feel rushed to leave your womb just yet.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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