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28 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 28

Your baby at 28 weeks of pregnancy

The twenty-eighth week of pregnancy is the beginning of your third and final trimester. Congratulations mum you’re almost there! This week your baby weighs about 2 ¼ lbs/1 kg. and measures 14 ¾ in./37 cm, that means your baby’s weight has almost doubled since week 24.

Your baby’s brain has had quite a smooth surface up until this point, but from now until birth it will develop grooves and indentations so that it resembles the ball of worms all of our brains look like. Your baby has also started blinking and her sleep cycle includes the REM phase of sleep. REM or rapid eye movement is the stage in our sleep cycle when we are in the deepest sleep and have most of our dreams. Do you think you baby is already dreaming about what she wants to be when she grows up?

This week some babies may even begin to position themselves in the vertex or head down position which is ideal for labour, but this doesn’t mean she’ll be arriving next week.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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