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29 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 29

Your baby at 29 weeks of pregnancy

In the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy your baby probably weighs 2 ½ lbs/1.2 kg. and is over 15 in./37 cm long.

Week 29 is a quiet week if we’re talking about your baby’s development as he’s only focusing on packing on that ever important baby fat. But if we’re talking about your baby’s activity this week, it is a very, very busy week. Your baby has gotten bigger so he has less space in which to move around, but his senses have improved so he is reacting to every stimulus around him. Get ready to feel some kicks and punches.

This week is a good week to do a kick count test to see if your baby is as active as he should be at this stage of pregnancy.

Did you know…growth in the third trimester of pregnancy is so rapid that babies born 3-4 weeks earlier than babies who go to term will be relatively tiny?

What’s happening to your body this week?

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