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34 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 34

Your baby at 34 weeks of pregnancy

In the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy and your baby has gained another ½ lb. and is a ½ in. longer, which means he or she weighs approximately 4 ¾ lbs./2.15 kg. and measures 17 ¾ in./45 cm.

The vernix caseosa that began forming in week 19 will get a bit thicker this week and if you’re expecting a baby boy his testicles have started to descend into his scrotum or may even be there already. Some baby boys are born without descended testicles, but this is normally not a problem as they will descend during their first year of his life.

As your due date approaches, this week is a good time to test for any fetal stress to ensure a smooth labour and a healthy baby. Talk to your physician about any possible tests.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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