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36 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 36

Your baby at 36 weeks of pregnancy

It’s the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy which means you only have 4 more weeks to go until your due date! This week your baby weighs 5 ¾ lb/2.6 kg and is 18 ⅔ in./47 cm. long.

At this stage of your pregnancy most of your baby’s organ systems are ready for birth. However, her respiratory system still has a bit of maturing to do and her digestive system won’t be able to start functioning properly until she is breastfeeding. If your baby’s lungs do not mature before birth she will probably experience RDS (Respiratory distress syndrome). This is another treatable condition and there are tests you can take to check on your baby’s lung development, but if your physician sees no reason to do those tests there is probably nothing to worry about.

And good news for you mum, right now your baby’s bones and cartilage are quite soft and will remain so until birth, which will make your job in 4 weeks time a lot easier!

What’s happening to your body this week?

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