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38 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 38

Your baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy

In the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy your baby weighs 6 ¾ lbs./3.1 kg and is 19 ⅔ in./49.5 cm. long from head to toe.

This week your baby is already considered full-term even though there are two weeks of the pregnancy cycle remaining. The reason for this is that at 38 weeks of pregnancy all of your baby’s organ systems are fully developed and ready to function once he or she enters the world. Right now all that is happening in your womb is a bit of polishing to make sure everything works perfectly.

This week your baby will also begin to shed the vernix caseosa and all remaining lanugo that has accompanied him for many weeks of your pregnancy. Your baby’s lungs will produce more surfactant this week in order to fully prepare themselves for her first breath.

What’s happening to your body this week?

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