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39 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 39

Your baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy

During the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy your baby weighs approximately 7 ¼ lbs./3.3 kg. and is 20 in. long more or less.

Your baby’s brain is continuing its rapid development this week which will continue well into her third year of life. Therefore, if you deliver before this week the development of your baby’s brain will not be affected and will continue after birth. Development of all systems after birth is different in premature babies.

This week your baby’s skin is also changing from a pink colour to a white colour. This occurs as fat builds up under your baby’s skin and the blood vessels are no longer as close to the surface. The pigment in a baby’s skin is not yet present, so all babies come out much the same colour regardless of what their parents look like. So Dad don’t freak out in the delivery room, it’s the last thing mum needs.

Did you know…a baby’s tear ducts do not function until an entire month after birth? This means there may be a lot of crying in the first month, but absolutely no tears!

What’s happening to your body this week?

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