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41 and 42 weeks pregnant: your baby


weeks 41 and 42

Your baby only gets bigger during weeks 41 and 42 of pregnancy

If you enter the forty-first and forty-second week of pregnancy you’ll consider yourself overdue. However, physicians don’t consider a pregnancy overdue until the forty-third week of pregnancy, especially since chances are your due date was a bit off.

Did you know…Approximately 50% of babies are born AFTER their due date and 10% of babies are born more than 2 weeks late?

Your baby will continue to gain weight and get taller over these two weeks, but as all of his organ systems are already fully developed, only that brain of his will be hard at work. In the forty-second week it is normal for physicians to set up a monitoring system to ensure both you and your baby are doing well and whether induced labour is necessary or not. Again, just relax because this is all normal procedure.

Babies born in week 41 and week 42 will probably have dry skin at birth, because in week 38 they shed their vernix caseosa, but this is a normal and just another little thing that doesn’t need to be worried about, as lotion and baby oil will do the trick. Your baby will probably also have longer fingernails and hair than most babies at birth, which is expected as they had extra time to grow.

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