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5 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 5

Your baby at 5 weeks of pregnancy

In the fifth week of your pregnancy your baby looks more like the offspring of a frog than of a human, but don’t worry she will look better by the time you give birth, after all she has many weeks to “dress up” for her coming out party.

Your baby is experiencing a lot of changes this week including:

  • the formation of her spinal cord
  • the growth of small ridges along her back (the start of your baby’s skeletal system)
  • her heart, which is merely a tube, has begun to move blood
  • her brain now has 2 lobes
  • she even has tiny buds for arms and legs!

And you MAY finally be able to see your baby on the ultrasound, though she or he will be very tiny!

What’s happening to your body this week?

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