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6 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 6

Your baby at 6 weeks of pregnancy

In the sixth week of pregnancy your baby’s heartbeat has picked up and there’s a good reason why. The chambers of his heart (a.k.a. the atria and ventricles) have formed and are starting to do their job. His brain has also begun to develop 3 different chambers (the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain). For this reason your baby’s head is bigger than his body right now!

Your baby’s external organs and limbs are growing this week too. His arms and legs are longer, his nose and eyelids are showing and his spine is fully developed. His lungs also already have secondary branches and his eyes have a lens, cornea, iris and a pigmented retina. It’s amazing the difference a week can make!

This development is all thanks to the blood and nutrients your baby has received from his umbilical cord via the placenta.

Did you know…your baby’s eyes are located on the side of his head at this stage of pregnancy, but by birth they will be exactly where they should be, in the middle of his face?

What’s happening to your body this week?

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