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9 weeks pregnant: your body

Are you suffering from smell sensitivity?
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This is the ninth week of the first trimester of your pregnancy. This week you will be feeling extremely tired! Your body is working hard to prepare for motherhood. Your metabolism is increasing, which causes low blood sugar and pressure. You may be feeling a great deal of fatigue now, but don’t worry the feeling will pass in the next few weeks as your energy will heighten and your nausea will decrease.

Pregnancy symptoms

  • Changes in taste
  • Smell sensitivity
  • Sore nipples

You may find that certain smells are irritating you. These include the smell of meat to the smell of your partner (yes, that is a very common pregnancy symptom). Eat healthy snacks and stay hydrated and your sense of  smell and tastes should soon balance out.

Remember: Keep track of your weight, it will help guide you. If you are on the heavy side this may mean you will have a big baby, which could mean a difficult labour. The same if you are on the light side, your baby could be too small and you may need to take some supplements to boost her growth.

What’s happening to your baby this week?

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