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Your pregnancy week by week: your baby

second trimester fetus

Find out how your baby is growing each week!

Each week your baby will grow little by little and even though you can’t see these changes with your own eyes here at the-pregnancy.net we will explain them to you at each stage so that you can be a part of every aspect of your pregnancy.

Before we begin we thought we should let you know that pregnancy actually begins on the first day of your last menstrual cycle, before conception even occurs! For this reason many physicians distinguish between the gestational age and the ovulatory age of your baby. All you need to know about these terms is that while your gestational age encompasses your whole pregnancy, your baby’s ovulatory age only begins at conception, which is usually two weeks after your last menstrual cycle. That means, there is a two week difference between the length of your pregnancy and the age of your baby. Since we want to tell you everything about your pregnancy we explain your baby’s development throughout all 40 weeks.

You’re now ready to start with weeks 1 and 2 of pregnancy. We hope we can answer all of those questions swimming around in your head.

Find out how your body is changing week by week.

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