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Your pregnancy clumsiness means you have to be extra careful when you walk.

You’ve probably noticed, or soon will, that you’re more clumsy than ever before. This is because clumsiness is a common pregnancy symptom that worsens as your pregnancy progresses. Luckily, your balance and dexterity will be back to normal shortly after you give birth.

Clumsiness is a very annoying pregnancy symptom, because it prevents you from doing simple tasks and means you have to be extra careful with everything you do. Despite this, it is generally harmless as long as you are careful, but be warned approximately 25% of women do report falling during pregnancy and these falls can be dangerous. If you do fall, contact your doctor immediately for a small checkup to make sure everything is alright.

What causes clumsiness during pregnancy?

  • Loss of concentration. Let’s face it your brain has better things to focus on, like growing a baby, and that pregnancy fatigue doesn’t help.
  • Loosening joints. That’s your pregnancy hormones at work limbering up your pelvis for birth.
  • Water retention. This is the same water that causes swelling and in some cases carpal tunnel syndrome making it hard for you to maintain your grip on objects.
  • Loss of abdominal strength and weight gain. Not that you want to be reminded about this, but they do make balancing quite a difficult task.
  • A change in your centre of gravity. This is caused by your expanding uterus and is only compounded by the fact that your growing bump keeps you from seeing your feet.

How do I manage my clumsiness during pregnancy?

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