baby nursery

cleaning when pregnant

Careful nesting

Nesting is a safe pregnancy symptom to embrace, however you must be careful when doing it. Here are a few tips to follow during your nesting processin order to protect you and your baby’s health: Wear rubber gloves. This protects your skin from the cleaning products you will be using. Clean in well-ventilated areas. There’s […]

birth preparations

Pre-birth to do list

Before your baby’s arrival there are a lot of little tasks you have probably noticed you need to do. And if you’re lucky, you’ve probably begun nesting, which means you can’t wait to get started ticking things off of that to do list. We’ve written one to get you started. Get cooking. Once your baby […]

buying for your baby's nursery

Baby extras shopping list

Every other shopping list we have provided you with has included the essentials you need to buy for your baby. However, many parents go that extra mile and buy some extra items that can be useful, save time or just add a little something to their baby nursery. Below you can find a list with […]

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