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baby’s sex

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Dad’s survival guide: trimester 2

Congratulations! You’ve either made it to trimester 2 or you’re on the ball and getting prepared for it already, which is great. The second trimester is a whole other story from trimester 1. Your partner will probably have a bit more energy, more libido and a larger appetite. However, we hate to break it to […]

African mum with baby

Pregnancy rituals from around the world

We all have our own little pregnancy and birth rituals, like wearing blue so our baby will be a boy, but have you ever wondered what other rituals there are out there in the world? We did too! So we looked them up and thought we’d share them with you. Bali: For the first 105 […]


Ultrasounds (a.k.a. obstetric sonography) are a medical technology which use high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the inside of your body. These images are called sonograms and because they are in real time you can observe movement occurring inside of your body. That means you can see your baby moving! Ultrasounds, like any […]

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