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Before your flight

Before your flight

Preparing to travel If you want to travel make sure you speak to your GP or midwife before booking your tickets! It is essential that you discuss your entire pregnancy beforehand. Think of it as a checklist, your midwife needs to doublecheck: You are healthy What your expected delivery date is That you are experiencing […]


The placenta is known as the afterbirth once you enter the third stage of labour. Unfortunately mum, once you’ve delivered your gorgeous baby your job is not quite done as you will then have to deliver the afterbirth. The best way to think about this part of labour is to remind yourself that after delivering […]

Umbilical cord: after birth

The umbilical cord stops pumping blood at birth due to the rapid decrease in temperature and thus becomes futile. The nurse, midwife or possibly even your partner will clamp the umbilical cord after birth, placing one clip near the belly button and another near the placenta. Now mums we know you’re already worrying about your […]

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