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premature babies

UNICEF Kangaroo Care programme

Have you heard about kangaroo care?

Giving birth to a premature baby is difficult no matter what, but in a developing nation where resources and training are severely limited it is even harder for both the mother and her baby. Recognising this challenge, UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) launched a project four years ago in Malawi called Kangaroo Care. Today […]

Vernix caseosa

Vernix caseosa is the white, wax-like substance that covers the fetus in-utero and usually at birth. However, premature and overdue babies are not usually born covered in vernex caseosa, because premature babies would not yet have developed it and overdue babies would have already fully shed it. Vernix caseosa is primarily composed of sebum (skin […]

Vitamin E and pregnancy

Vitamin E and pregnancy

In the last twelve weeks of pregnancy your body starts to provide your baby with vitamin E. As a result, premature babies are at the greatest risk of suffering from a vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E, which is also known as alpha-tocopherol, is a fat-soluble vitamin. Like vitamin C, vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. It […]

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