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baby with colic crying

Colic: when to worry

Colic is not usually something to worry about as it will go away over time and there is no evidence that it affects your baby’s health later on in her life. However if you observe any of the following symptoms along with your baby’s colic it is imperative that you contact your pediatrician immediately. Symptoms […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: diagnosis

Diagnosing colic is all about the number three. If you suspect that your baby has colic consider these three factors: how long does she cry each day, how many days a week does she cry and for how many weeks has this crying being occurring? Your doctor will diagnose your baby with colic if: she […]

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Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Even though 40-60% of all gestational diabetes cases involve absolutely no symptoms, there are still some symptoms you can be on the look out for, especially if you are at risk for gestational diabetes. However, be warned several of these symptoms are in fact normal pregnancy symptoms, so we recommend getting tested between week 24 […]


Risk factors for gestational diabetes

There are several risk factors for gestational diabetes, which you can see right here. However, you must remember that even if none of these risk factors describe you or your pregnancy you should still be tested for gestational diabetes as it can affect any pregnancy. Likewise, having one or more of these risk factors does […]

pregnant woman holding belly

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is considered the most common health problem associated with pregnancy, affecting between 2 and 18% of all pregnancies. You suffer from gestational diabetes when you have no personal history of diabetes, but suffer with high blood glucose levels during your pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is believed to result from the presence of the pregnancy […]

Signs and symptoms of early pregnancy

15 signs and symptoms of early pregnancy

Figuring out if you’re pregnant can be tricky business, so to help you out we’re giving you a list of the 15 most common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. Remember though, many of these symptoms can be attributed to other factors, which means if you are only experiencing one or two of these symptoms […]

Ectopic pregnancy: risk factors

An ectopic or tubal pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the fertilised egg implants outside of the uterine cavity. The egg will usually implant in the fallopian tube, but other ectopic pregnancies include implantation in the ovaries, the cervix and the horns of the uterus. Unfortunately, ectopic pregnancies have become more common since the mid-1980s […]

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