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Your baby’s diet timeline

During your baby’s first yearher diet is going to go change a lot. It is important to remember that each change should be gradual and natural. Do not force your baby to eat solid foods too quickly and remember breast milk and baby formula have all of the nutrients your baby needs so there is no rush.

baby breastfeeding from his mother

Breastfeeding is essential to your baby’s diet

0-4 months: Breastfeeding should be your baby’s sole source of nutrients during the first 4 months of her life. However, if it is necessary baby formula is your other option. During these first 4 months your baby’s diet must never consist in any kind of solid food.
4-5 months: When your baby is about 4 months old you can introduce fortified baby cereals to her diet. Rice cereals are the best ones to start with, then you can try barley, oatmeal and mixed grain cereals if you wish. Remember to start with small portions to see if your baby’s body responds well to the changes in her diet.
6-7 months:When your baby is about 6 months old you can add some fruits, vegetables and fruit juices to her diet. The vegetables and fruits must be strained and the fruit juices must be natural. Sodas and other soft drinks are a big no-no. Remember, start with one spoonful and see how your baby’s body reacts to the adjustment in her diet and then slowly increase the quantity over the next 2 month.

baby holding a spoon and eating strained fruits

No matter what feeding your baby will be a messy job

8-9 months: When your baby is 8 months old you can introduce strained meats and egg yolks to her diet. Mix the egg yolks with fruit juice and never give your baby egg whites, her body will not be able to digest them yet. Again start with one spoonful and then gradually increase the quantities of these ingredients in your baby’s diet.
10-12 months: From about 10 months old your baby’s diet can be a lot more flexible and can include a wide variety of foods. You can even try some finger foods in your baby’s diet, this means you won’t have to make sure the food is strained beforehand. However, make sure they are bite-sized finger foods. Also, avoid processed foods and foods high in sugar.

Remember, throughout your baby’s first year breast milk or baby formula should remain the main source of nutrients for your baby and that the other foods you begin to introduce into her diet from month 4 are only supplements.

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