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YouTube Christmas music

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Your sat at your desk working or at home doing chores and you just want some Christmas music to brighten up your day, right? You try YouTube, but find that you end up stopping whatever you are doing every 5 minutes to play the next Christmas carol you’re in the mood to hear. What you need is one YouTube channel that meets all of your Christmas music needs and we want to help you find that channel.

We explored almost everything YouTube has to offer and these are our suggestions.

The Christmas Song Channel

This wasn’t as easy to find as you would think, but it’s great and has a wide range of Christmas albums from Bing Crosby right through to Vanessa Hudgens. There is literally something for everyone!

The Mickey Christmas Carol Channel

For a few fun and cheerful Disney tunes.

The Christmas Lyrics2

This channel has a lot of options, including: Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, Disney, Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennett to name a few. However, some of its albums are not available in every country.

Best of Christmas Songs

This YouTube channel has a lot of the Christmas songs we grew up hearing. This means there isn’t any current pop Christmas tunes on there, but sometimes it’s nice to relive our childhood Christmas memories through music. And who knows those very same songs could become the background music to some of your own kids’ favourite Christmas memories.


This link surprised us, because it’s actually Christmas music and not ads for Christmas products. It has a wide range of Christmas carols: some classics, some cartoons, some religious one and some of the big hits from the ’90s.

Xmas Choir’s

Another variety channel, that gives you a taste of all the traditional and classic Christmas carols out there.

We hope these suggestions help you find the perfect YouTube channel to get you through each day of the holiday season!

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