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10 things not to do during labour

The advice we have given you on what you can do during labour is useful, but trust us our advice on what NOT to do is indispensable. If you follow these 10 tips it will save you a lot of trouble after your partner has delivered your baby.

1. Never eat in front of her. Yes, you need to keep your energy up, but she can’t eat and she’s even more tired than you, so please don’t make a difficult situation worse for her.

2. Do not laugh or tell unwanted jokes. This will get you an evil glare and you will probably regret it for the rest of your life.

3. Never say “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to be a dad.” Sweetheart, it’s too late for that and every bad word that will then come out of her mouth will be well deserved. Being a dad is scary, but you can do it, we know you can.

4. Never ever say “Well, my mum said…”We think this is pretty much self explanatory.

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Keep your phone on silent!
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5. Do not forget the camera. And when she says “No!”, do not take a picture, it only becomes a piece of hard evidence that you never listen to her.

6. Do NOT take calls during labour and childbirth. The ONLY time you should have your hands on your phone is when your partner has agreed that you can send close friends and family an update. Friends and family will understand, work can wait and your Twitter and Facebook statuses can be updated after your baby’s birth.

7. Do not tell your partner “You can do this, it’s a piece of cake” or anything remotely similar. We know you’re trying to encourage her, but when you say that she will hear “I bet a man could do a better job” or “Quit complaining”. You know what follows.

8. Never strike up a conversation with the hospital staff about anything non-labour related. Your partner does not care who is leading the Premier League table and she certainly doesn’t want your doctor thinking about football when he should be delivering her baby!

9. Don’t be distracted by the TV, a magazine, the hospital equipment or anything else you may find interesting. Your partner should be the centre of attention during the entire labour and childbirth process.

10. Do not show any signs of exhaustion. We know you’re going to be tired, but just imagine how she feels. If you need to yawn, stifle it. Expressing any form of tiredness will probably land you with the death stare and yet again a string of colourful language.

It’s up to you now Dad, you can do this. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy, but you have the best tool at your hands, a list of everything NOT to do. Print it, if you think you may need a daily reminder from now until your baby’s birth.

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You are going to be a great dad
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