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Avoiding an episiotomy

Episiotomies can be scary and for this reason we are sure you are looking for any way possible to avoid them. You’re in luck, because we have two brilliant ideas that could help you out!

The first method reduces your chances of needing an episiotomy by 6%, we know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but any kind of help is good, isn’t it? This method involves beginning perineal massages from week 34 until your due date. These massages help to gradually stretch your perineal tissue so that it is a bit more flexible during labour.

Did you know…only 1 out of every 7 mums in England needs an episiotomy?

The second method reduces your chances of needing an episiotomy by an incredible 50%! This method involves going to a clinic where a perineal dilator is used. A perineal dilator gradually stretches the perineal tissue by inserting a small balloon into your vagina and slowly expanding it. It may seems a little scary but this method is no more painful than stretching any other muscle.

So there you have it mums, especially those of you who want a smooth natural birth, two methods that can make labour a little easier and less painful than before.

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