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Mood swings

woman with a bad mood swing

Mood swings are normal during pregnancy.

Mood swings are just one of the many pesky pregnancy symptoms most pregnant women experience. Basically, mood swings are where PMS and pregnancy meet as women who suffer from PMS normally tend to have more intense pregnancy mood swings that those who don’t. Like most other pregnancy symptoms, mood swings are the result of fluctuations in your pregnancy hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. For this reason, you will find that your mood swings are at their worst during trimester 1 (usually from about week 6 of pregnancy) and at the end of trimester 3 when your pregnancy hormones are raging! However, mood swings can also be the result of anxiety over your pregnancy so it’s important to relax.

Unfortunately, approximately 10% of all pregnant women’s mood swings will become depression. If you find that you are suffering with severe mood swings coupled with sleeping problems and a sudden loss of appetite, we suggest contacting your healthcare provider for both you and your baby’s health.

How do I manage my mood swings?

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