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Study reveals it takes almost 5 months to adjust to motherhood

Recently the baby brand Munchkin undertook a study of new mothers which revealed that it takes the average woman 4 months and 23 days to feel fully adjusted to motherhood. This wasn’t the only statistic about new mothers this study revealed, other statistics included:

woman stressed be motherhood

Sometimes motherhood can seem a bit daunting, but you can do it!

  • 50% of pregnant women worry about the prospect of being a mother.
  • 25% of pregnant women feel “completely daunted” by the task.
  • of all new mothers admit to breaking down into tears during their baby’s first year, because of stress or a feeling of failing to be the perfect mum.
  • of new mothers never spoke about how they felt, because they were afraid it meant they were a bad mother.
  • of new mothers thought their partners adjusted to parenthood much quicker and were much better at it, which meant they became jealous of their partner.

We’re sure after reading that string of statistics motherhood doesn’t seem like any fun at all, but that’s not true. Yes, being a new mum can be a bit overwhelming, after all there is a lot to learn and what’s great about these statistics is that they tell us that all new mums are in the same boat.

Motherhood is in no way a walk in the park, just ask your own mum and she’ll tell you the same thing. However, it is the most amazing experience you will ever have. That first smile, those first steps and your baby’s first Christmas will make every long, sleepless night completely worth it and though it may be hard to adjust t,o you’ll soon be able to boast that you’re a well-oiled mummy machine! So when things seem impossible and you just want to scream, it’s ok because everyone feels that way. We suggest finding a stress outlet, such as exercise or a few sllep, deep breaths, and talking to someone about how you feel, whether it is your partner, your mum, your best friend or even your dog. Just saying how you feel out loud can relieve so much of the normal mummy stress everyone feels.

What exactly makes you feel well adjusted to motherhood?

Munchkin went one step further with their study and found out what made new mothers finally feel well adjusted to motherhood. They identified 10 key factors which are as follows:

1) Knowing how to handle your baby in public.

2) Knowing what to do when your baby cries.

3) Getting a handle on all of the housework.

4) Having your child sleep through the night.

5) Getting the hang of diapers.

6) Getting yourself organized into a good routine.

7) Trying not to panic when your baby is a bit ill or has a temperature.

The next 3 steps are basically all about knowing how to pack your diaper bag like a pro…

8) Always leaving the house with a spare change of clothes for your baby

9) Always leaving the house with milk, food and/or snacks for your baby

10) Always having a toy with you to entertain your baby

After reading that list we’re sure you feel a bit better about this whole motherhood thing. After all, no one ever sleeps through the whole night during the first months of their baby’s life (it’s just not how babies operate). Also any new mum who says they were on top of the housework from day one must have either a nanny or someone cleaning their house, because we know that’s an impossible task, especially in the first few weeks when you’re still exhausted from the whole labour and birth process!

Being a new mum is a challenging task, but now you know that you don’t need to worry because everyone else feels like you and in less than 5 months you’re going to be an impressive mummy machine!
We want to know what you think. Are you worried about motherhood? Are you already a new mum? If so, do you agree with this study? Which of the ten factors are most important for you to feel well-adjusted?

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