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Christmas Fun

Christmas nail polish ideas

With all of the creative nail polish designs out there why should it only be your home that gets decorated this Christmas? There are so many options for giving your hands a festive touch this holiday season and we thought we would share some of our favourite Christmas Nail Polish Ideas with you. Just click […]

woman stressed be motherhood

Study reveals it takes almost 5 months to adjust to motherhood

Recently the baby brand Munchkin undertook a study of new mothers which revealed that it takes the average woman 4 months and 23 days to feel fully adjusted to motherhood. This wasn’t the only statistic about new mothers this study revealed, other statistics included: 50% of pregnant women worry about the prospect of being a […]

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Complications of gestational diabetes

If you suffer from gestational diabetes both you and your baby are at risk for certain complications during and after pregnancy. However, once effective treatment procedures are followed you can significantly reduce your risksfor these conditions. Mother’s Health Risks: Difficult delivery Increased risk of type 2 diabetes post-pregnancy or in later life C-section delivery Pre-eclampsia […]

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Tips for breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public can be a bit complicated, mostly because there is so much debate on whether it is appropriate or not. However, we know many mums really don’t have the option of not breastfeeding in public, after all if your baby is hungry you have to feed him. So we thought we would give […]

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General breastfeeding tips

Breastfeeding can be challenging for new mums, if you are finding it difficult, don’t worry and don’t give up! Breast milk offers many advantages for both you and your baby, such as boosting your immune system, giving your baby the perfect balance of nutrients and being easier for your baby to digest. What to remember […]

The benefits of breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding

Many women find themselves not knowing whether they should choose breastfeeding or formula when it comes to feeding their newborns. So we thought it would be a good idea to talk you through the benefitsof breastfeeding, which include: Saving money, which is always a bonus! Your body will lactate regardless, so you may as well […]

Eating well during pregnancy

Eating well during pregnancy

If you are pregnant you  probably have no appetite due to all that morning sickness, or you’re eating like there is no tomorrow! Many people don’t actually know the real reasons why a healthy diet is key during pregnancy. If you didn’t have a healthy lifestyle prior to pregnancy then you need to start now. […]

soup for lunch when pregnant


A big lunch is not a must, in fact during your pregnancy, it’s better to have a few small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals. So keep it simple and embrace snack-time! Remember, your stomach is going to feel a lot smaller than normal due to your enlarged uterus, so eating small […]


The placenta is a fetomaternal organ that is formed after fertilisation when the zygote implants into the mother’s uterine lining. It has 2 main components: the fetal placenta, which develops from the zygote, and the maternal placenta, which grows from the mother’s uterine tissue. The placenta grows throughout your pregnancy and at 40 weeks will […]

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