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Christmas desserts

Eggnog gingerbread trifle

Ingredients: 1 (14.5 ounce) package of gingerbread cake mix (and ingredients to make it) 3 cups of eggnog 1 (5.1 ounce) package of instant vanilla pudding mix 2 cups of heavy cream 1/4 cup of white sugar 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract Gingersnap cookie crumbs Method: 1. Prepare the gingerbread cake mix according to package […]

Surprise twins

Surprise, you’re expecting twins…

“And that’s the second heartbeat…” “The second what?!?!” Finding out you’re expecting twins or even more multiples can be an emotional roller coaster. You literally feel the entire spectrum of emotions: excitement, worry, anxiety, luck, shock and premature exhaustion to name a few. Irregardless, having twins is an incredible experience and if you’re expecting more […]

trick or treat for unicef

Trick-or-treat for UNICEF

Everyone knows that October 31st means Halloween has arrived, however very few people also know that in 1967 President Lyndon  B. Johnson declared October 31st National UNICEF Day in America. National UNICEF Day does not fall on October 31 by coincidence, in fact October 31st was chosen as the day to celebrate UNICEF’s work as […]

baby girl looking at camera

Baby miscellaneous shopping list

This shopping list includes all of the bits and bobs you will need for your baby which we haven’t mentioned in any of the other lists which we have given you to help you shop for your baby. This list includes nursery furniture, things you will need on the go and things your baby will […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: when to worry

Colic is not usually something to worry about as it will go away over time and there is no evidence that it affects your baby’s health later on in her life. However if you observe any of the following symptoms along with your baby’s colic it is imperative that you contact your pediatrician immediately. Symptoms […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: treatment options

As colic has no defined cause there are several treatment options you can try in order to lessen your baby’s colic symptoms. These treatment optionsinclude: Burping your baby, giving him a stomach massage and other techniques which encourage your baby to release the gas stuck in his gastrointestinal tract Feeding your baby probiotics in case […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: possible causes

Though no cause has been identified for colic, several possible causes have been suggested. These possible causesfor colic include: gastrointestinal gas neurological overload (your baby’s new environment is too overstimulating) muscular trauma which occurred during birth intolerances to certain foods which your baby receives from your breast milk or her formula There has also been […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: diagnosis

Diagnosing colic is all about the number three. If you suspect that your baby has colic consider these three factors: how long does she cry each day, how many days a week does she cry and for how many weeks has this crying being occurring? Your doctor will diagnose your baby with colic if: she […]

woman holding baby bump

Complications of gestational diabetes

If you suffer from gestational diabetes both you and your baby are at risk for certain complications during and after pregnancy. However, once effective treatment procedures are followed you can significantly reduce your risksfor these conditions. Mother’s Health Risks: Difficult delivery Increased risk of type 2 diabetes post-pregnancy or in later life C-section delivery Pre-eclampsia […]

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