buying for your baby's nursery

Baby extras shopping list

Every other shopping list we have provided you with has included the essentials you need to buy for your baby. However, many parents go that extra mile and buy some extra items that can be useful, save time or just add a little something to their baby nursery. Below you can find a list with […]

blu car seat

Baby’s hospital bag

Your baby needs a hospital bag too, because even though he enters the hospital or birthing centre with everything he needs in mum’s womb, he will need some important items for after birth. Are you unsure about what exactly you should pack in your hospital bag? We know it’s not an easy task, but it […]

Preparing your hospital bag is key in preparing for birth

Mum’s hospital bag

Not sure what you should pack in your hospital bag? It’s not an easy task, but it has got to be done whether you are planning to give birth in a hospital or at home. Remember you have to prepare for everything when you are pregnant. When it comes to your hospital bag, there are […]

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