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Baby bottles, nipples and pacifiers

Baby feeding shopping list

Feeding your baby is an important part of caring for your baby, therefore it’s important that you ensure you have everything ready for feeding your baby. Depending on how you will be feeding your baby you will need to buy different items. For this reason, you will find several lists below. One for breastfeeding, another […]

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First year development timeline: month 5

It’s the fifth month of your baby’s life and he is getting stronger every day. We bet you can’t believe how much your baby has changed since his birth, but there’s still more to come. What exactly can you expect this month? Sensory development:This month your baby will be able to differentiate between colours quite […]

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First year development timeline: month 2

Can you believe your baby is a whole month old? Time flies, but at the same time a lot happened last month and it seems incredible that it all happened in the space of one month. You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, but don’t worry you’re doing an amazing job mum and […]

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Picking the right formula

There are 6 main ingredients your formula milk must contain if you are going to ensure that your baby receives all of the nutrients he needs. They are as follows: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace ingredients to satisfy specific needs. Carbohydrates: As lactoseis the main carbohydrate present in breast milk, this is the […]

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Picking the right formula

Type There are several types of formula depending on your baby’s dietary needs, remember though it’s best to stick to just one type. Cow-milk based formula: This type of formula has the best balance of ingredients and allows for easy digestion. It is made from cow’s milk which has been altered to resemble your breast […]

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Picking the right formula

Choosing the right formula for your baby can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. When deciding which formula you are going to use there are 3 important things you need to consider: Form, type and ingredients. Form There are three main formsof formula and which you choose depends on how […]

Feeding your baby with formula

Feeding your baby with formula

You may find yourself wondering whether breastfeeding or baby formula is the best option is for you and your baby. If you want to know about the benefits of breastfeeding you can find that right here too! But, we are here to talk about the pros and cons of feeding your baby formula milk. Pros […]

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