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Baby’s hospital bag

Your baby needs a hospital bag too, because even though he enters the hospital or birthing centre with everything he needs in mum’s womb, he will need some important items for after birth. Are you unsure about what exactly you should pack in your hospital bag? We know it’s not an easy task, but it […]

Packing your hospital bag

Tips for packing your hospital bag

Everything you need to pack in your hospital bags can be a bit overwhelming and luckily you don’t have to worry about luggage restrictions. However, trying to lug around a tonne of bags when you go into labour can be a bit of a pain, especially for dad who we are sure will be responsible […]

Packing your hospital bag

Packing your hospital bag

When you go into labour things can get a bit crazy, but there is a lot you can do beforehand to prepare yourself and make it all a bit easier on the day. One of these things is packing your hospital bag so that it is ready by week 36 of your pregnancy. You never […]

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