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Tips for packing your hospital bag

Everything you need to pack in your hospital bags can be a bit overwhelming and luckily you don’t have to worry about luggage restrictions. However, trying to lug around a tonne of bags when you go into labour can be a bit of a pain, especially for dad who we are sure will be responsible for carrying them. Let’s be fair you’ll be doing enough already, won’t you?

For this reason we thought we would compile a few helpful tips for you so that when you go into labour your hospital bag won’t be a burden, but the help it should be.

Packing your hospital bag

You don’t want to pack that much!

  • Ask your hospital or birthing centre what products they provide as that could help you cut down on the quantity you will need to bring. It’s also a good idea to ask around to check up on the quality of these products, because sometimes it might still be worth it to bring your own supplies.
  • Don’t pack one, but two bags. We know this seems contradictory, but if you pack one bag filled with everything you will need for the actual day and keep another one with everything you will need after birth in your car it, your hospital bag will be significantly lighter and easier to carry.
  • Only pack the essentials. Each expectant mum will have her own idea of what is essential for her to give birth so this is your decision to make. If you think music is essential then make sure you pack your iPod and its charger, if you can’t go through the whole process without your favourite pillow, pack it.

We hope this helps!

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