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The basics of maternity wear: skirts

Maternity skirts are a lot like maternity trousers in that finding a comfortable pair can be tricky, because finding the perfect waistband for your bump is no easy task. However, no need to fear as surprisingly there are a lot of options if you are more of a skirt than trousers kind of girl. There are several waistline varieties for maternity skirts including: drawstrings, elasticated waistbands and maternity panels. You can also buy elastic waistbandswhich you can attach to those skirts you already have.

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A loose, high waisted skirt is perfect for your pregnancy
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Maternity skirts are also a great alternative to trousers, because they are looser and much cooler. During your pregnancy you’re going to want to be nice and cool, because you will probably sweat more than normal, especially during the summer. Some women have also found skirts to hide their baby bumps quite well, so they are well worth a try ladies.

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