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The basics of maternity wear: tops

When choosing some great tops for during your pregnancy, the options are endless. Department stores and high street shops have an incredible selection. However, we thought we’d give you a brief look at all of the options you have.

  • There are the simple camisoleswhich not only show off your amazing new cleavage, but are also great for
    mum in motif top

    Motif tees are quite popular maternity tops
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    support and layering.

  • Then you have those nice loose cotton tops that are perfect for the spring and summer when it can get a bit hot.
  • A top with a  great neckline is also great, because the neckline will add a little je ne sais quoi to your outfit.
  • A top with a vertical pattern or buttons up the middle is great if you want to achieve a slimmer look.
  • And finally there are the tight fashion maternity tops which have become very popular and can be found in every high street shop.They show off your growing belly brilliantly!

So you have lots of options ladies and for those fashionistas out there, this is a great way to dress up your reliable maternity jeans. Style and comfort! That’s fashion if you ask us.

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